Friday, October 29, 2010


I realized today that I have "ghost-blogged" for my sister more this month than actually blogged myself. I mean, on this one. I'm doing fine with my book blog. It's not so much that there's nothing happening as that there's rather a lot going on and I'm busy, but not the kind of busy that makes for fun writing. So instead of writing, I've been baking. I've found it to be rather therapeutic. I never really thought of myself as a baker, but in the last few months, I've developed rather a penchant for it. I'm not sure it's great for my waist line, but that's why we share, eh? At any rate, today I baked a carrot cake and succeeded in icing it without cheating or getting it all crumby. When I talk about cheating with the frosting, I'm referring to this cake where I most definitely melted the frosting on. Didn't tell you that at the time, did I?

I also baked the "loaf of bread that ate New York" as dubbed by my aunt. I really wasn't expecting it to get quite so huge. I was going to post a picture for you to see and admire and drool over, but blogger is taking forever with the picture loading thingie, so no luck. It's already after midnight, and I should be asleep. The only reason I'm not is because the Man isn't home tonight, and I have insomniatic tendencies when he's not here. Basically, next week when he's out backpacking, I'm in big trouble.

Why am I still awake? Momentarily forgetting that this isn't a cooking blog isn't worth losing sleep over. One more thing though, isn't it luxurious to sleep on clean sheets in a freshly straightened room with the dishwasher running in a newly scrubbed kitchen and the smell of clean laundry floating through the air? Now if only I was going to get to sleep in...


  1. What a wonderful homemaker you are! Love you!

  2. Thanks Caspy! I appreciate your hard work and dedication to relatives far away.

  3. Can I just comment for a moment on your waist line --> it's thin and very post-baby impressive. Just my 2 cents. SMOOCH! Plus, our walk today cancels out at least 2 slices of carrot cake.