Saturday, May 5, 2012


Those of you who know me, know that I love The Phantom Toll-Booth. It is without a doubt one of my favourite works of children's fiction, ranking up there with A. A. Milne's Once On a Time and Ellen Raskin's The Westing Game. In fact, I love The Phantom Toll-Booth so much that it was one of the first books I ever gave my husband back in the dark ages when we were just best friends (on a note of honesty, I'm pretty sure he never read it, but luckily, it won't go to waste since I married him and bore his children--no comment on whether or not I married him just to redeem that wonderful book from a lifetime of readerlessness). With that said, it was my delight to realize that I had serendipitously come home from the library this week with my randomly selected assortment of books containing one book by the author of The Phantom Toll-Booth and one book by the illustrator. Little Man and I had a great time reading Norton Juster's The Hello, Goodbye Window, a lovely story about a little girl's experiences through the window of her grandparent's kitchen (significantly less nonsensical than Toll-Booth but still containing some perfectly quirky moments), but the real winner was No Go Sleep written by Kate Feiffer and illustrated with her dad, Jules Feiffer's, iconic style. The story is about a baby who refuses to go to sleep and all of the people and things that try to convince him sleep is really a good option. Here: Little Man will tell you all about it.

Even Tiny Man was a fan. I was reading No Go Sleep to L.M. while nursing and Tiny couldn't drink for giggling. No lie. 


  1. SO CUTE! Watched it twice already. I like the very passionate owl call rendition.

  2. Tiny Man is definitely a misnomer. But I love the video and enjoy all your posts. Love you all!

  3. Lexi fully appreciated Alex's review and insisted on watching it 3 times in a row. ;)