Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Sprit

He wants to decorate the pets for Christmas.
We haven't decorated for Christmas yet. I'm planning to get to that this weekend. Maybe. In all honesty, I'm still enjoying my two autumn decorations. They're so festive. Plus, I'm cracking down on my exercise routine, and I'm sore. Sue me.

But I have started listening to a smattering of Christmas music, and today I'm letting Littles watch Christmas Veggie Tales episodes while Tiny takes an unplanned morning nap (teething is really getting him today; the snot waterfall--snoterfall?--is unparalleled). Then we're hitting up the commissary so I can make chicken and salsa soup for dinner, but that's totally unrelated. Or is it? Soup is Christmassy, right? And I'm putting in zucchini, so in combination with the salsa, it'll be red and green. Hmm, let's light the evergreen candle and bring it on!

I love Christmas. Admittedly, it's easy to get distracted by all the extra "stuff" we add on to Christmas, but the Man and I are being more purposeful each year with how we spend our time and money during this season (and how we ask other people to spend their time and money). So I'm planning to relish every moment of doing the Christmas decorating this weekend, and then every moment of pulling Tiny out of its spiky branches. I'm most excited about decorating the boys' room. For some reason we have more than a handful of excess stockings this year, and I plan to hang them from the clothesline in their room that is currently displaying all of Littles' drawings from "school" this year. He does love some handprint turkeys.

This blog had a point. I don't remember what it was. I was up running at 5 this morning in 22 degree weather, and I'm pretty sure my brain froze. So, my point...um...evergreen candles, plans for advent calendars and Christmas lights, Mannheim Steamroller, trains and singing legumes, more soup for meeeeeee, presents starting to accumulate on the desk in the guest room, who Jesus was and is, nutcrackers, frozen brain (not to be confused with brain freeze), and the need for more coffee and my very ugly and fuzzy red snuggie. Christmas doesn't get boring. Plus, I'm really psyched about how the boys are going to react to the Christmas decorations. Littles is still thanking me moving his room around and that was 2 months ago. This is no lie.

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