Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Bevy of Books

I picked up Randy Alcorn's If God Is Good again this week. I say "again" because my parents gave it to the Man about two years ago and we started reading it at the time, made it about 50 pages in, and then lost our momentum. It's been sitting on my nightstand since then, glaring at me. And now I'm guilt-free and thoroughly enjoying it.

But that's not what this post is about. The boys and I went librarying this week and picked up a couple fun books that I feel the need to share with you about.

So here you go.

As shortly, sweetly, and succinctly as possible and in no particular order:

Itsy Mitsy Runs Away by Elanna Allen. Super adorable, great illustrations, not just for girls, funny even for adults, and full of my favourite colour--green. I now want to run away, or at least let Littles run away (and possibly Tiny). But the very best part? Her dog is named Puptart. Yes. Puptart. My favourite line: Little girls don't mow lawns! Grown-ups do!

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site by author Sherri Duskey Rinker and illustrator Tom Lichtenheld. Hands down the best truck/bulldozer/machinery (stuff with engines and wheels that boys like, you get the picture) book that I have read. And I've read a lot of them. The chalk drawings are whimsical and sweet (my favourite part is when the crane truck cuddles up with his teddy bear), and the story is written in rhyme and meter that actually flow, which is more rare than you would think...

Press Here by Henré Tullet. Quirky and lovable. Plus, teaches important things like "left" and "right" and how to follow silly directions. I'm enamored.

And finally...

Moose on the Loose by Kathy-jo Wargin, illustrated by John Bendall-Brunello (which may be the coolest last name ever). All that needs to be said about this book is that after reading it, Littles wanted us to get a moose and I decided that the next time we PCS, we'll get moose antlers to carry all our stuff instead of a U-Haul.

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