Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Bath and Book Combo

Every once in a while I have a day when all I want to do is take a hot bath and read some E. L. Konigsburg. Today is that day. I reached that conclusion somewhere between folding yesterday's laundry and loading the dishwasher with french toast encrusted plates. Tiny systematically upending the contents of my diaper bag may have had something to do with that as well.

Anyway, as I said, today is that day. The View from Saturday. Bubble bath. Really ridiculously hot water. And maybe I'll shave that patch of extra long hair on my left knee that I obviously missed in the shower yesterday.

Other women read romance novels, but I read children's books. And I have this deep seated premonition that if I ever make it to my dreamed of bath and book date, I will discover a squirreled away chocolate bar to take with me...

Bathtime reading? Anyone? Anyone?


  1. No bathtubs in the whole of Holland, I'm sorry to has something to do with some dogma from our uber-reformed puritanical past, no doubt. THOU SHALT NOT ENJOY BATHTIME.

    But if I did have a bathtub, I most certainly would be reading "junior" lit too - those simple pleasures seem to suit each other perfectly.

    1. I think you should buy an extra large bucket for your Christmas present to yourself and improvise. :)

  2. Add this to your children's book library list: Tiny's Big Adventure, by Martin Waddell, illustrated by John Lawrence. The story is sweet and the illustrations are SO. AMAZINGLY. BEAUTIFUL.