Friday, December 21, 2012

Smoothies and Sugar Cookies

Last night, I let Littles have a smoothie and sugar cookies for dinner.

Today I spent at least an hour on the bathroom floor with both boys, playing with their Christmas flashlights while steam rolled thickly from the shower.

This may or may not be indicative of how I have spent and will continue to spend most of December.

Two weekends ago, Tiny got a virus. Then last weekend, Littles got croup (complete with a panicked E.R. visit--never a dull moment). And now it seems that Tiny is trying desperately to get croup from Littles. I told him that I would not allow it and he'd better get himself in line or be court-martialed. Unfortunately, as always, he is displaying a mind of his own and an impossibly strong will. Basically what this means is that there is a chorus of hearty coughing echoing out of the nursery at all times. It's lovely.

But my family came to visit, and that really was lovely, not sarcastic lovely, even though I'm pretty sure my sister fed Littles sugar cookies for breakfast (as if he hadn't had enough the night before). They left this morning so there will be no one to tell us if, in our exhaustion, the Man and I sleep through the crying, coughing baby's midnight wake ups. Evidently that happened last night. One day I will forgive myself. I'm not there yet.

The funny thing is that as much as it should've been That Day--the cat barfed on my favourite biscuit recipe, Littles dumped the humidifier on the Man's computer, cleaning the house was like carrying water in a sieve, we had an unplanned for hospital run, I lost one of Littles' favourite socks, I let the neighbor's dog escape, etc., etc., etc.--it was a really fun day.

Even with Littles putting his arm around Trig-Dog and saying with woeful eyes, "Trigger misses Aki and Neni and Auntie Aman."

Even with him telling me he likes Thomas more than Mommy.

Even with barely there naps.

I have no explanation for this--because goodbyes, second place, and naplessness (especially naplessness) make me cranky, crazy, and crappy--no explanation other than grace. I was surprised by His goodness, whether in new play-dough cutters or the sharing of fried okra, matching Eric Carle t-shirts or Christmas cards from old friends, folded and put away laundry or my husband showing up unexpectedly and helping me get both boys and a big box in the car (just because).


For That Day and for every day.

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  1. I'm glad it was a good day. Hoping Tim is feeling better, that you all got a good night's sleep, and that you have a wonderful weekend. We loved our visit and miss you all so much. XOXOXOXO