Friday, December 28, 2012

Before I Pack Them Up

 I'm waiting for confirmation that both boys are napping so I can join them in blissful oblivion. In the meantime, I thought I'd share with you my favourite room of Christmas decorations. I try to put a little Christmas in every room, but decorating is not my forte, and it was even worse than usual this year with my two terrors trying to destroy everything in sight (you should see the Christmas tree--never mind, you don't want to, it would scar you for life).

Anyway, perhaps ironically, my favourite room of decorations belonged to the boys. Maybe since it was their room, they wanted to keep it looking pretty. Ha ha. Yeah right. Maybe it was just that since I was decorating their room I was smart enough to keep it out of arms reach unlike the rest of the house. Point being, the Boys' Room: the Christmas Version.

This is probably the reason their room was so awesome. The Man's super cool mom made us this advent calendar two years ago. This is the first year we have successfully done every day of advent, and it was awesome! And yes, Joseph's head is upside down. I'll give you one guess as to who got to stick the little felt ornaments on every night.

X-mas in the original sense, but really because there wasn't enough space to write "Christmas".

I cannot tell you how many times those twinkle lights got pulled down, but they were totally worth it.

All our Christmas cards went up in the boys' room this year, on the bulletin board and on the clothesline. Plus, we hung the extra stockings in here just for fun. (The elephants on the mobile have little ornaments hanging from their trunks).

There's your better view of the clothesline, complete with some original artwork from Littles and the obligatory train picture done by Aki.

Okay, this is NOT in the boys' room, but I'm including it anyway for personal reasons. This year I made the mistake of putting this lovely brass manger scene on our dresser. Unfortunately, every time we opened a dresser drawer, the figures shifted, so that the camel was heading the wrong way or Mary was leaning down to tie the shepherd's shoes and saying "Next time double knot them!" Then, to make things even better, the cat entertained himself every night by knocking over at least one of the wise men so that they were worshiping Jesus face down to the ground. Anyway, lesson learned. But I'm sure there's some deep significance here about how little disturbances can shake us off course and big disturbances can knock us over while Jesus remains steady--but I still think that's cheating. That brass manger is pretty solid.

Anyway, I'm posting this now so that after nap time (if nap time ever happens) I can pack up the Christmas decorations and stop growling at the boys to get out of the Christmas tree. Everything's a growl right now, a froggy growl. I guess I should glue together the 2 broken ornaments before I do that though...or just leave them for next year. It's not like Santa's going to be using his arm while he's in storage, right?

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  1. Their room looks amazing! It's so festive. Maybe they are worse than our cats about playing with the ornaments, but here's what we do with our tree each year, we actually have to tie it to a small hook in the wall to keep it from falling over because it never fails, at least one of the cats will end up in the tree. We just go with it now and think that it's cute. Thank you for these posts, they make my day! Love you!