Thursday, January 31, 2013

Another Yes

I got a parcel in the mail yesterday from my grandmother: a wonderfully cozy tea cozy (can you get cozier than a tea cozy? really?), a miniature black train for Littles that is now his favourite, and a book that my mom had asked her to mail to me.

So I spent the last twenty four hours reading. You know, in between being the Beyond Awesome Mom I know I've tricked you all into thinking I am.

I read Sent before bed last night (in spite of a 5.15 alarm), during the boys' bath time, in the drive thru line, instead of mopping, and while we had some quality Veggie Tales watching during dinner (see: Beyond Awesome). I did refrain from reading while driving, since the Man frowns on that, and I also didn't read while running since I had company and it was still pretty dark out when I went (the street lights are spotty), but barely 24 hours later, I've finished the book.

I can't even begin to explain to you the emotional impact this book had on me. It took me home. I realize it won't do that for most of the people who read it--there are a limited number of Americans who grew up in Southeast Asia--but if you love Jesus or even if you just say you love Jesus (maybe especially if you just say you love Jesus?), this book should be a gigantic kick in the pants. It was for me. Because when Jesus says to me, "Follow me" and I say, "yes"--do I really mean it?

And let me be straightforward, what Christ called the Alan family to will probably not be what He calls me to and what He calls me to will probably not be what He calls you to, but am I ready to be obedient? Am I putting my "yes" on the table, no holds barred, no reservations, regardless of what that means for me (or even for my kids?)? And really, what He is calling all of us to is a closer relationship with Him, and normally that means obeying Him even when it looks just a little insane to the rest of the world.

I'll include one quotation just to trigger your interest. Hilary writes, after giving up her house, her job, her husband's job, her kid's schools and hobbies, her friends, her normalcy, her life (as she knew it), "We had not given up anything of any real value, and we had been given so much in return. Besides, there is nothing radical about obedience. It's what all followers of Jesus are called to do." But what does that really look like?

So if you want to read more, you can pre-order Hilary Alan's book on Amazon (it comes out February 19th). I got to read an advanced copy because my mom and Hilary are bffs (they are that cool) and not at all because I was going to write about it on the blog--that was a fortuitous afterthought on my part--but I have pledged to share all good things with you, and now I have done so. 

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  1. I should probably read a book written by a more modern Christian adventurer.