Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sick Sunday

We stayed home from church today with a sick Littles. There was an exquisite amount of barfing going on. Well, most of it happened last night, and then the stomach problems progressed from there. But here we are today: Littles has been curled up in bed watching Thomas with a trash can ready for our next excitement, and the rest of us are just enjoying having more family here (the Man's brothers and dad). I wasn't going to write, but then we all sat down to watch Hook together while the boys nap (and hopefully sleep off whatever yucky virus is going around), and all of a sudden I started wondering what other people did when they were sick as kids. The Man watched loads of Disney movies, but since we didn't have a TV growing up, I remember lots of books. Lots and lots of books. In all honesty, growing up in our family was no fun until you learned to read, which is why we all learned so quickly. Anyway, point being, what did you do when you were little and sick? Now that I'm big--can you tell I'm watching a movie about Peter Pan--when I get sick all I want to do is sleep and con my family into waiting on me hand and foot. Why does that not work better? Oh yeah, I'm a mom of toddlers.

Informational aside: it's really hard to get vomit chunks out of a mattress cover. There must be something about the material that causes things to stick. Aren't you glad I shared this with you?

Anyway, last two things. May I show you my new throw pillows? My wonderful in-laws re-gifted some pillow cases I'd given them and they were just the thing I needed for the couch. Now I only have four more hideously fringed pillows to replace. I'm not much of a decorator, but I try to make our home cozy and functional. Picking up shedding fringe does not equate functional. I know there are pictures of said fringe pillows elsewhere in the blog if you feel the deep need to go look for them. In fact, in the past, that fringe provided a really ugly head of hair for a bald newborn Tiny. I say that like he has hair now, which is barely true. Point being that I love my new pillows and they make the living room a much happier place. It drives me crazy that the big couch's pillows don't match yet, but one step at a time, right?

And lastly, I know I've been talking about the garden a lot lately, but it makes me happy, and I also know I've been including a lot of blurry phone pictures lately, but I'm still getting a hang of the new camera phone. But here's a picture of our new flowers in all their happiness and joy. Yay for spring! Yay for rain! Yay for a kid with a green thumb! (Incidentally, I had a dream that my Pathetic House Plant burst into luxurious blooms under Little's tender ministrations--if only this would come true.) At any rate, we had more bulbs push brilliant green spikes up through the dirt last night, probably checking in on Littles who is the only one who remembers to water. It was fun to tell Littles this morning that there were more flowers waiting for him to dump more water on them. Spring makes even the sick smile.

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  1. Oh Alexander :0( Poor boy. Somehow I think it was easier that Eli was sick instead. Although I could not get him to throw up in a garbage can. I love your throw pillows!!! And your garden!! The flowers are starting to come out!