Saturday, March 30, 2013

Blast from the Past

Littles likes looking at old pictures during breakfast if we're not getting to Skype with someone. Evidently, he is not satisfied by the scintillating conversation provided by Tiny and his mom. Anyway, I like to show him pictures from the same time of year but a year or two earlier. The fabulous thing about this is that since Tiny is exactly two years younger than Littles, I get to do the whole, "See, when you were Tiny's age, you did such and such." It's fun.

I'm rambling, but not purposefully. Mostly because Littles keeps coming in here to put stickers on me and Tiny insists on climbing on the couch and threatening to jump while grinning at me cheekily, and that's extremely distracting.

So this morning, I was showing Littles pictures from Easter two years ago, which was a great Easter. On Good Friday, the Man came home from work and said, "Let's go to the beach!" So we threw our stuff in bags and drove to the beach where he proposed to me so many years ago and the spontaneity was almost as wonderful as being at the ocean again. I showed Littles this picture:

And this picture:

And told him about how the Man and I had the hardest time keeping him from nose diving into the icy cold waves.

And how I got food poisoning while we were there, and that we somehow didn't realize that was the first signs of Tiny in evidence.

And we made it home to celebrate Easter with our church family (and man, I miss all that green and the fact that the ocean was only two hours away--and isn't that little boy adorable?)

Here we all are. Tiny got cut out of the picture, but in our defense, we didn't know he was in existence until two weeks later.

Can I tell you that I am just as thrilled to be celebrating Easter this year, green or no green, ocean or no ocean, because Christ's love does not change and the incredible gift of who He is and what He did is just as true and exciting and relevant today as it is yesterday?

I'm hoping to have some new Easter pictures to put up that actually include Tiny, who is only one day older than Littles was in that picture and has significantly less hair but is just as cute in his own way. But first, I need to get Saturday's show on the road.

Thanks for joining me on my walk down memory lane. Sometimes it's good to remember the grace and joy of past gifts, even as we celebrate new ones, like purple tulips and homemade bread and the chance to serve.