Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Books and Anti-Rodent Snobbery

I haven't done a children's book post in a couple months, so I thought I'd whack one out really quickly while Tiny finishes his naps and Littles snuffles beside me (these colds will never end) and watches Thomas. We picked some good ones this week, and I really do credit Tiny. And since we've already read them all multiple times, we're headed back to the library this afternoon. Dinner's in the crock pot so it doesn't matter that Tiny is busting out a three hour nap of wonderfulness on what's supposed to be library day. We'll get there when we get there, and get home when we get home, and not have to worry about anything else in between.

A few of the fun books we got this week are:

OH NO, Little Dragon! by Jim Averbeck about a baby dragon who loses his internal fire spark while taking a bath. Precious illustrations and lovable story. I want a little dragon of my own now. Or the ability to incinerate my own bath toys. Maybe just the latter.

Little Cloud by Eric Carle. A friend of mine once said that all Eric Carle books are the same, and certainly he overdid the Brown Bear, Brown Bear theme, but Little Cloud was a fun way to start a conversation with the boys about the rain cycle. Tiny especially got into it... Joking. Still, Eric Carle's books are classics for a reason. All of that aside, the part of the book when Little Cloud is a clown creeped me out.

The Three SILLY Billies by Margie Palatini with illustrations by Barry Moser. The illustrations were quirky and fun with little details (Mama Bear's toe claws were painted red) that sold it, and the writing was entertaining. There were a lot of punny bits I laughed at that totally went over the boys' heads (Little Red Riding Hood says to the troll: "Oh my goodness! What a big toll you have!") plus it gave my brain a workout as I added up Jack's two cents, a wooden nickel, a thin dime, and the rest of the currency for the troll's toll. Plus, in my head, I just kept hearing my aunt saying, "Pay the troll!" as she demanded kisses from her unsuspecting nieces and nephews.

Final note, I picked up a book of Renoir paintings that the boys really enjoyed looking at with me. It's never too early start developing art snobs. That way I have reinforcements to help me gang up on The Man the next time he wants to bring home a mounted squirrel and hang it on our wall.

Never mind.

I have boys. I realize that is a fight I will lose if I try to win by majority rule. No amount of early childhood brain-washing will get them on my side. Good thing the Man loves me and recognizes the fact that I spend a lot more time hanging out between our still rodent free walls than he does.

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