Monday, December 23, 2013

A Christmas Poem

Twas two days before Christmas
And beyond any doubt
Not a twin child was stirring
To try to come out.
The induction is scheduled
For Monday at eight
(unless things get rolling
on some other date).
So I'll open up presents
While heavy with twins
And hope after Christmas
Active labour begins.

Happy 38 weeks, everybody!

Once upon a time, I could see the bottom of my belly.
Once upon a time, there wasn't a bottom to my belly...
From all our family to yours: Merry Christmas. And from Tiny, of course: God bless us, everyone!

{Constant induction date changes are not purposefully mean on our part--just a Christmas present from us to everyone else so that you don't get bored waiting for the New Year to come in.}


  1. You look a lot better than I did with my backpack after traveling overnight to Tokyo from Jakarta. Just saying. . . Mom not Marian but on your computer -- HA!

  2. Approving the poem and hoping that the twins come quickly and easily, and that you're enjoying a lovely Christmas in the meantime!