Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Eve Eve

That's right. That wasn't a typo. My question for you today is: what are you doing New Year's Eve Eve?

Five years ago, the Man and I teasingly enjoyed asking about the other's New Year's Eve plans. And five years ago, on New Year's Eve, we said vows before God and man, I got cake shoved up my nose, and we started a new life together. This year, on New Year's Eve Eve (well, technically New Year's Eve Eve Day--but now we're just getting confused), we're hoping to add two more lives to the world: a beautiful end to what has been, though challenging, a beautiful year.

So my question for you (other than, "Will you please pray for us?") is: what are you doing on the second to last day of the year? Will you be brave and challenge yourself alongside me to bring new life into the world? I don't know what that will look like for you: perhaps it is taking the time to be purposeful in a relationship that is dying, perhaps it is using your creativity to make something new and beautiful, perhaps it is slowing down to rest at the end of a busy season so that you have the strength to go on another day. But as the year is dying, would you join me in thinking about how we can create new life in the following days?

Thank you so much for all the encouragement, love, and support you have provided for our family over the last months. We are grateful for you. I hope to be back soon with photographic evidence that I didn't just spent the last 9 months eating an obscene amount of bean burritos. Happy New Year!

This was the beginning of today.

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  1. OK--I decided only to comment on the lonely ones without comments. And now I will get back to work! Maybe...