Thursday, August 7, 2014

Getting the Kids Started Early in the Modeling World

{I have no excuse for that title other than that I just  gave up when I realized that the wheels of my brain had ground to a complete halt. ...Oh, hello, bed! It's nice to see you.}

Two months ago (or so), my lovely friend Angela came over to take some pictures of the twins. She is exploring photography, and I am always generous enough to lend out my children as needed. She came by tonight to tell us goodbye. She leaves early tomorrow for a few weeks out of the country and won't be back until we have already packed up and moved out. So, feeling a little sad and already missing her, I decided that now was the appropriate time to share these wonderful pictures with you (that somehow got lost in the last 2.5 month long haze of sleep deprivation). Plus, I wanted to feel like I'd done some writing without actually doing some writing. You understand this, of course. 

Without further ado, the artwork of Angela:

Littles made sure to break in the camera first.

Bee was extremely uncooperative during our photo session until she passed out for about ten minutes midway through. She woke up happy and hamming it up. Unfortunately, it was at that point that Bruiser decided he was done for the day and took his own little siesta. Needless to say, pictures of them together? Didn't happen.

Bee, the frilly version.

Man, he makes that bow tie look good.

We had some snuggles together. 

This was the yawn that did her in.

We had a little too much fun dressing Bee up as a bookworm. (Angela may or may not have had a little too much fun dressing up Bee period.)

And yes, I wholeheartedly admit this is my favourite photo from the lot. Possibly my favourite photo ever.

Finally, here's Bee, the femme fatale. In retrospect, she really out staged Bruiser in these pictures. Sorry, buddy. But I'm not sure you would've pulled off those pearls.

Incidentally, Angela also took the beautiful picture of cake face Tiny that I posted back in April.

I don't have a good tie up to this post other than to say, I'm adding Angela to the growing list of people I'm going to miss and not just because she takes great pictures of my kids. And now I think I'm going to go sleep. Once I kick Tiny out of my bed. Don't ask.


  1. Where are the pictures of TIM? A mere link isn't enough…The second child will look out for the second child. Also, this second child is an aunt of that second child and she wants photos of all of the children.

  2. Also, I love all of these photos and I keep looking at the cuteness over and over. Love the bow tie and the book worm and the charmer at the top and all the others. And you look gorgeous yourself too.