Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Moving to the Land of Milk and Honey

[Monterey], are you there? Do you swear you won't forget me? If I found you would you let me come and stay? I ain't getting any younger and before my dying day, I want space not just air. Let them laugh in my face: I don't care!

...Dreams come true. Yes they do. In [Monterey]…
Santa Fe, Newsies (with changes provided in handy little brackets)

Okay, so the song is supposed to be about Santa Fe, but I don't think Jack Kelly would mind my poetic license. You see, somehow in my mind, Monterey has turned into this place where all my problems will  magically disappear. Once we get there, the twins will start sleeping again, Tiny will miraculously potty train himself, Littles will learn to read all on his own. The dog will never run away or steal the pizza off the table. The cat will be healed of his bulimia and cord chewing problems.  Pet hair will sweep itself; dust bunnies hop themselves straight into the trash; dinner will cook of its own accord. I will be able to recline on a purple couch while being fanned by peacock feathers and fed grapes.

Ah, Monterey. It's going to be wonderful.

In the meantime, we are neck deep in packing. I mislaid our packing list today and about had a heart attack. Don't worry, though. I did find it. Otherwise I would be drafting a new list right now instead of blogging.

In between memorizing the packing list and setting it to music, I have been tickling the palates of my family with incredible empty-out-the-fridge delicacies such as last night's PCS pasta:

They're lucky I didn't add in the angel hair.

Tonight I challenged myself with some bruised potatoes and a bottle of Zesty Italian. I'll be honest and say that the twins have been far more impressed by my culinary experiments than the rest of the family. 

Incidentally, tonight I told the boys I would be making Oatmeal Refrigerator Bread so that I could finish off the yeast (and oatmeal, honey, buttermilk, and flour, but you know what I mean). We got all excited about fresh bread for breakfast, and I packed them off to bed before going to the kitchen to get started…only to discover that I didn't have the two packets of yeast I needed to bake bread. Thankfully, my Super Neighbor saved the day because going to the commissary the week the movers show up would be unbearably shameful, even if it was just for yeast.

Anyway, we're pretty much packed at this point. See evidence below:

Safer than carseats and more fun!

And our road trip is planned and the movers are scheduled for this weekend, although they are coming to take the washer and dryer tomorrow. Why, I don't know, but yay for no more laundry? Well, until we move into TLF (Temporary Lodging Facilities).

Isn't it thrilling getting a play by play of this move with us? In that spirit, let's end on a completely unrelated note. You know your child's teething when she's double fisting the frozen blueberries.

Imagine this accompanied by cheerful growls.
In Monterey, of course, teething will be completely painless. And the post-blueberry floor will mop itself. Dreams come true…in Monterey. Yes, they do!


  1. Ahhhh.....well keep dreaming, sister! I thought the same thing about Germany and guess what? It's all true. It is wonderful. Even when bad things happen like the teething still hurts, it's still better. I can't tell you why...it's just better.
    It feels weird that you are leaving though, almost like you should stay where I left you or something. Just strangeness. I'm thrilled for you. Not so much for the car trip, although that will be epic, but for the getting there and the moving in and making a new home.

  2. I would have thrown in the angel hair pasta because it's always so fun to finish things up. Also, I hope you threw in some pineapple because pineapple pasta is a thing that I made up that is good.

  3. Best of luck Marian! We'll be praying for you