Friday, August 15, 2014

Party at TLF

Moving is fun, you guys. The Man does most of the work, and I sit around and play with the kids. So, this is what he's in charge of today (you  know, supervising the movers and bribing them with pizza so they don't break our stuff):

Picture courtesy of the Man.
He's skilled. I'll keep him.

Incidentally, before we left the house, the boys discovered a new "slide". They think moving is fun too.
The Man got this shot too.
Caught them giggling in the act.

On our last day in the house, Bruiser decided to explore his hair options with this sweet little mohawk. It was short lived, but I enjoyed it while it lasted:

If Bruiser hashtagged: #nofilter #iwokeuplikethis

The boys have been enjoying their PCS presents (because we are good parents who try to make moving fun for everyone, even when their "slides" have been packed). $3 sunglasses from Payless. They're cheap dates (and maybe we are cheap parents). Here, Tiny is modeling them before the sun had even come up. The Man and I have been busily cracking Stevie Wonder jokes at their expense.

I could eat this child, he's so cute.

The Little Man and his bed head are so cool in their shades that they can't even muster up a smile. (Can you see from the window that the sun. is. not. even. up. yet.)
I cannot pretend to understand.

Bruiser wanted to see what the big deal was, so he borrowed Little's shades for a bit. Unfortunately, the awesomeness that ensued upon the combination of Bruiser and Batman sunglasses was so overwhelming that it literally ripped his shirt open.
Imagine a light breeze to finish out the Fabio effect.

Anyway, sorry, back to the move. While the Man has been supervising movers and doing actual work, I have been doing my usual, by which I mean creating monster trucks for rubber frogs:

Froggie later received a speeding ticket.
Cops are so prejudiced against monster trucks.

And helping Littles with this masterpiece. He informed me, quite seriously, afterward that he could probably be an artist like Aki. Also, I had done some delightful chiaroscuro shading on the water droplets that he lovingly "fixed" because, as he put it, he likes there to be colour everywhere. I did get him to sign in the bottom corner but he promptly coloured over his signature because (ahem) "he likes there to be colour everywhere" and God forbid there be an empty space in the "A" where there was no colour.

The squiggly green things in the water may or may not be tadpoles.
We never decided.

We've also been enjoying the 102 degree heat by spending lots of time outside. The boys throw balls and add to their collection of bumps and bruises by playing tackle football on the sidewalk, and the twins mess with water bottles and eat grass. We're nothing if not well rounded.

That quilt was a wedding present.
I'm not quite sure the friend who gave it to us had any idea
how it was going to be put to use.
5.5 years and 4 kids later...

All that to say, party at TLF. Because I'm here now and, let's be honest, while the move hasn't changed much for me yet (taking care of the kids at home v. taking care of the kids in temporary lodging…same/same), cabin fever, man, it's real. Come keep me entertained. And then while you're here, I'll let you address the deep theological questions that Tiny has been asking lately ("Who is God?") since apparently moving brings out his philosophical side.

And of course, we'll talk about how moving is so fun.

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  1. And what do you know--none of my comments showed up…I think I tried to say something about how cute the kids are, the fun of sliding on mattresses, and how Alex's talent is on par with Dad's. Also, tell Alex to send me some artwork because I agree with him that every space should have color and I really like pictures of dinosaurs.