Thursday, May 13, 2010

Brain Development

This morning I decided to be a good mother. I'm sure you're all glad that I finally realized this was something I aim for (it only took four months to get there). So while I had my tea and bagel for breakfast, Littles and I worked on his brain development.

First, he had some tummy time and played with the mobile that "Aunt" Erin had sent from far away India. We talked about the various colours of the elephants and how bright pink is kind of girly. And we discussed the fact that chewing on said elephants would (hopefully) increase his immune system...since I have no idea what he's ingesting into his body. Then, feeling really ambitious, I turned on some Mozart so that Littles will be a math genius when he grows up. Unlike me. I have to get the Man to add my yahtzee scores. And then we had show and tell time about cool combo animals like ligers, shrabs, and beavecoons. Little Man thought the beavecoon was a little scary, but that's what happens when you combine a beaver and a raccoon. At the end of all of this he was so excited that he got the hiccups. Next on the agenda: give this kid a bath!


  1. So that is what I missed growing up ...

  2. love it! Layla has a mobile from her "aunt" in uganda. i have similar feelings toward her chewing on the elephants..... :-)

  3. Alex is smarter than me. I have no idea what a shrab is, and google was zero help.