Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The Man started work again yesterday, so the past two days have been spent trying to take care of the mounds of laundry, heaps of dust, and piles of emails that have accumulated over the last 5 weeks of vacation. Luckily, it rained today so I opened the window and Littles and I listened to the rain and a little bit of Ben Folds. And that made things lovely. In spite of the vacuum refusing to turn on.

I don't have anything huge to say. Life lately has been made up of little moments (like Little Man's first time to pull the cat's tail and yesterday's excitement of throwing together a last minute dinner because the Man was actually on his way home! and going running with the stroller on a really, really windy day), and I'm okay with that. I'm taking time to read and write and be. L. M. Montgomery is my faithful friend these days (I now call her Lucy Maud, or, occasionally and affectionately, L. M., which is confusing because the Little Man could also be L.M.), and between her and my Bible and journal, I have plenty to mull over. I'm never bored, and my mind has found plenty of stimulation.

It's funny... I never thought I'd be content being a stay at home mom. This wasn't my dream. But I have found an increasing level of satisfaction just in being where God wants me to be. Besides, I have time to write now, if I can only be diligent enough to get there! L. M. (that being Lucy, not Littles) is inspiring me to greatness, though. Under her tutelage, maybe I'll get out that best seller that's been hiding deep (deep) inside of me.


  1. it's so great that you're happy in the right here right now. I found that very encouraging.

  2. I'm glad I read this today. I needed it...I've been bored at home with Ellie, but I know there are things I can do. I need to find satisfaction in being where God has me now too...I love being a mommy and spending time with Ellie, but when she's sleeping...I get bored!