Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wonder Woman

Cast your bread upon the waters...
Ecclesiastes 11:1

Yesterday I was Wonder Woman. I admit this in complete humility (naturally), but let me tell you why. Not only did I finish five (count them: five) loads of laundry in my ridiculously slow washing machine AND fold the clothes AND put them away (mostly), not only did I cook dinner and set a beautiful table, not only did I have extensive play time with my son, not only did I give him a bath and correctly replace his brace (haha, I made a rhyme), not only did I clean the cat's litter, wash the dishes, exercise, skype with a heart-friend, call my mother-in-love, and read stimulating literature, not only did I make cinnamon bread from scratch (more on that later), not only did I take a shower and wash my hair (which is a bigger achievement than you might think), but I also (drum roll, please) cut Little's toenails. Yep. And that is a lot harder than it sounds because in order to cut his toenails I have to take his brace off, which makes him really excited, so he kicks a lot and curls his toes and generally engages in a fair amount of wiggling, and then you're also dealing with how ticklish his feet are and how sensitive they are after being in the brace for so long. So cutting his toenails is a big accomplishment. Applaud me, please. Is it any wonder I'm a bit delirious?

With that said, my cinnamon bread is chronicled in picture format below:

Above is the auspicious place I chose for my bread to rise. Let me just say that baking with yeast involves an increase in the intensity in my prayer life. It's also rather exciting and adventurous: you never know if it's going to rise the way it's supposed to!

Oswald, checking on the bread for me. It seems to be rising nicely...if squashily. I was busy multitasking by doing crunches while the bread rose. That way I can justify eating a whole loaf on my own. Just kidding! Kind of...

Baking nicely. To explain the midget loaf on the right, the recipe makes three loaves, but I only have three loaf pans, so I improvised.

Fresh out of the oven! They may not be beautiful, but they rose! It's all about making the glass half full.

After dinner, the Man and I indulged in dessert: M.L. (otherwise known as Midget Loaf).

The beautiful inner swirling of cinnamony goodness, aaaah... No, we did not eat the whole loaf, no matter how small it was. But we considered. Or at least I did.

PS Recipe credits go to the incomparable and much loved Aunt Joy. I seriously still remember the first time I ate this bread at her house. It changed my world. Mine wasn't quite to her level, but someday... msf


  1. O Wonder Woman, share the secrets of your strength among the weak and feeble commonfolk!