Thursday, May 10, 2012

Because today... a good day. a jeans and t-shirt day (or in Little Man's case a Thomas pajama day). an early morning run in the blue dawn. a friend bringing new life into the world. a cup of tea and a giggly baby. a bit of Joshua Radin and The Swell Season. old pictures while cuddled back in bed with my snuffly eldest son. a clean house and no house-keeping agenda. not me, it's you (haha, little joke). a gazillion times of reading the "train book". an unloaded dishwasher and a batch of fresh-baked chocolate-almond biscotti. a stuffed animal puppy diligently strapped into the bouncy chair. And yes, it's vibrating. a nap and a grocery list--not at the same time. remembering joy. not mine, but rather His.

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