Thursday, May 17, 2012

What Don't I Love

I have a friend who has a habit, whenever I say I love something, of tilting her head to the side and asking, "What don't you love?" And today, though I normally strive for positivity, I thought I'd share. I don't love:
  • Moths. I hates them; I hates them; I hates them. I hate the way I open a door and they fly up in a black cloud of awfulness. I hate that I'm putting away dishes from the dish drainer and they're hiding in my clean pots. I hate that they're squirreling themselves away in my bookshelves and laundry basket and blankets. I hate how they make me squeal like a little girl. I love my husband who goes on rampageous killing sprees and knocks out 75 of them at a time. J. the Giant Killer, I call him. The handle on our fly swatter is bent out of shape from the strength of his grip.
  • Having my once monthly trip to the hour-away Starbucks wasted by a barista who absolutely couldn't get my order right. I said "iced" not "frappuccino". It's not that hard. On that note, sometimes when one's order gets messed up, it can be an exciting time to try something new. Not in this case. Frappuccinos are so over for me.
  • Lying in bed at night because I just can't turn my brain off. It's annoying, uncomfortable, and a shockingly bad waste of time.
  • Dog hair. Everywhere. I understand that he's losing his winter coat, but does he have to lose it all over my love seat and the guest room bedding? Be like a snake: shed once and leave it outside.
  • That I've been thinking about writing this post since Tuesday, and I can still only come up with four things I don't love. I really need to work on being more negative...
And that about concludes things. I think I'll go get ready for a fun filled afternoon with my four month old who required all the 12 month clothes to be pulled out today and my still slightly doped up two year old who is spending his post-surgery recovery time watching Thomas 24/7. Yay...? Oh wait, no, it's: YAY!


  1. Just one more reason why you are my favourite.

  2. It's good to vent about moths and messed up orders every so often, but I'm thankful you are a thankful young woman. After all, we live by HIS amazing grace and bask in HIS unfailing love. BUT this world is fallen and not our home, but HE IS COMING. . . Love you lots!