Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Not a Real Blog Post

And I'm back in the game!

Our family greeted the new year germ-free (which is saying something), and today I finally feel like myself again, the version of myself that I actually like--not the one that spends half the day growling at the kids and the other half passed out on the couch watching mind-numbing television. There's also something about starting a new week on a Wednesday. I only have to make it through 3 days til the Man is home to be the real adult in our home. Basically, that means I've run out of steam already. Yay! Just kidding?

On that note, I'm going to watch some awesomely mind-numbing television (Alias, anyone?) with my husband as a reward for the wonderful day I have beaten into submission. And then go to sleep. So I can do it again tomorrow.

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