Thursday, January 31, 2013

Because I Could

 Today I said yes.

When my son asked me if he could stay home from "school," I said yes.

Then I said yes to making a pillow fort out of couch cushions. I said yes to dancing crazily to Little's favourite song--15 times in a row. I said yes to Christmas socks on the last day of January.

I said yes to bath time before lunch, bath time with both vivid green water and enough bubbles for bubble beards. I said yes to lotion between the toes (although Littles wanted to say no). I said yes to turkey and cheese sandwiches and leftover vegetable soup. Tiny said yes to falling asleep at the lunch table (pillow forts are exhausting).

I said yes to reading during nap time and also yes to mopping, yes to lemonade and yes to post nap Pop-Tarts (don't judge), yes to crumbs on the table, on the floor, on my jacket and yes to sharing with the dog.

I said yes to going to the playground and going down the slide, yes to the constant panic attack that is Tiny thinking he's a big boy, yes to racing Littles home (even though I was carrying both his brother and the ball he'd insisted on bringing).

I said yes to Sonic for dinner, and then when Littles changed his mind, I said yes to Braums. I said yes to Veggie Tales and eating in the living room. I said yes to Toot and Puddle and giggles before bed time (but I confess I said no to Thomas--there's only so much I can take). I said yes to night lights (in the plural), ocean sounds, and good night snuggles.

I said yes today because this week was too full of noes, too full of negatives, too full of Not, and today I wanted life. I wanted a celebration. And I could've sent Little to school and gone about my day like any other Thursday, accumulating check marks on my To Do list as I went, and it wouldn't have been a wrong choice by any means, but today, instead, I just. said. yes.

Because I could.