Friday, January 11, 2013

Cinders and Ashes!

Thomas the Tank Engine is MIA.

We have sent for the dogs and commenced the man hunt (train hunt?).

Littles had the handy idea to ask Percy, Thomas' best friend, but Percy, unfortunately, did not know where Thomas was. This came as no small surprise to me considering the fact that Percy has always been just a few bricks short of a load, in my opinion, and also just arrived yesterday, while Thomas has been missing for a couple days now.

Then Littles suggested that the Man took Thomas to work with him. Which is logical. If I had to go to work all day and alternately arrest people and then commit death by powerpoint, I'd like a really useful engine to take with me.

So we have ransacked the house, but he is nowhere to be found. This is the inevitable consequence of playing hide-and-seek with inanimate objects, I explained to Littles. I should know. I once hid my sister's turtle in our baby swing and didn't find it again for a week. Don't worry. It lived. Let's hope Thomas fares as well.

Now my phone has joined Thomas in the black hole where he has hidden himself. My hope is that Thomas will use his good sense to dial 911. At the very least, we'll be able to track the cell phone back to him. But can steam engines dial?

Never mind. I found my phone deep in the bowels of the couch, but still no Thomas.

If you were a really useful engine belonging to a train obsessed three year old, where would you go?


  1. Check all the boots! Caleb frequently takes legos to work with him in his boots.

  2. I find all sorts of treasures in the dirty laundry basket. :-)