Friday, January 25, 2013

Not Awesome Beyond All Reason

Last night, things were a little more formal since we had guests for dinner. They were especially thrilled with their high end, size appropriate table and chairs after being unceremoniously kicked out of Tiny's high chair, much to Little's dismay.

But tonight, after a long day of sharing snot and peanut butter crackers, losing trucks in the sandbox, cleaning poop out of the bathtub, celebrating the little things, playing dress up with the house, and generally kicking rear and taking names, we decided to kick back in some matching footie pajamas (Littles loves him some matching), eat a pizza, and watch Veggie Tales. Classic Frizz Family Friday Night.

Just thought I'd share. 

In my mind I had a really hilarious way to tie up this post and make it seem relevant and awesome beyond all reason, but I just realized that it's eight o'clock on a Friday night and I'm seriously considering going to sleep right now, so I'm obviously incapable of anything hilarious, relevant, or awesome. 

The End. 

I think.

Is it bedtime yet? 

1 comment:

  1. Made me happy to see this. Missing you and all 3 of your boys and sending lots of love from Singapore.