Monday, April 1, 2013

I Get High...

...with the help of acrylic sealer and Mod Podge!

And if the Man has a random drug test at work tomorrow, we may be in trouble because the fumes, man, the fumes...they're bad.

Anyway, I did this tonight:

And the ink smeared, which was both disappointing and unexpected, because I did those pen and ink thingies almost eight years ago, and I really didn't know that ink could still smear after almost a full decade. I am blonde. Live and learn. So I'm disappointed that they are not pristine, but I may still put them up just to prove to myself that I did something (anything!). And to remind myself of the really fun hallucinations I'm having after breathing in all this spectacularly scented air. Kidding! Mostly.

At this point, I just keep reminding myself that it is better to have tried and failed than not to have tried at all, and potentially better to have loved and lost, oh, never mind. But this is true: I may not be one of those people who get everything right the first time (unless there are explicit instructions that include telling me when to breathe), but I do have a great time laughing at myself while I fantastically and artistically nose dive into failure.

In the end, I now have very fun and very well-smeared pen and ink items for my bathroom wall. Or some place else in my home where only those tied to me by the everlasting bond of marriage go. But then again, maybe I will throw these things in the trash, delete this post, and pretend like this never happened.

Decisions, decisions...

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  1. I kept some of my old artwork.... and it's sad because i used to be artistic..... but somewhere down the line I lost the ability to draw. Coloring with Milo is about as far as I can get.