Monday, April 8, 2013

Lenten Reading! (That did not deserve an exclamation point.)

The Man is watching baseball, and I think the kids are finally asleep. Let's be honest: I know Tiny is asleep. He is passed out cold on his back with his stuffed sheep draped casually across his face. Well, I moved it, but it was there originally. Whether or not the Little Man has made it to dreamland is yet to be determined, but we are hopeful. Somewhat.

At any rate, I wanted to just jot a little note about what I read during Lent, in between all the gastrointestinal fun that was going around our house. My brother-in-law is the king of free Kindle books, and he sent me a note letting me know that Josh McDowell and Dave Sterrett's Did the Resurrection Happen...Really?: a Dialogue on Life, Death, and Hope was cheap as free. So I got it. And I read it. And I'm really glad I did.

I will be blunt: witty conversations, thrilling story lines, multi-dimensional characters--these things are not to be had. But making the theology of the resurrection accessible by putting it in a novella format? It worked for me. There was a lot of information presented, both historical and theological, but it wasn't overwhelming as it was broken up into easily digestible sections. It also helped that valid questions were raised by several of the characters, and the bulk of the dialogue was given in different settings and between different speakers. I will caveat that if you are not at all interested in the resurrection of Jesus Christ (whether that means for or against) you will find this book extremely dull. I, however, really enjoyed it. To each their own!

And now my husband is saying that he'll quit watching baseball if I will be done blogging and he'll hang out with me instead. I'm so much more interesting than men in tight pants throwing things at each other and pretending to run, right?

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