Thursday, August 15, 2013

Purely Scholastic Pic-tastic

I had a really deep and yet somehow intellectually hilarious (not really) post prepped for today. Then, after the boys got put in bed, I had a massive hormonal pregnancy meltdown and the Man sent me to bed with strict instructions to rest, eat chocolate, and do girly stuff like watch a chic flick or read a novel. I don't think writing about Prokofiev and the concept of evil would count in his book. Instead, I'm going to do a picture post--because even he cannot object to a picture post. Right? 

(Right, honey?)

Anyway, let's take a brief moment to pause and reflect on how wonderful the Man is to me and how I don't deserve him putting up with my weirdly weepy self.

Then let's celebrate the first day of "school" for the boys by looking at lots of pictures of them, occasionally accompanied by catty comments from me!

This is Tiny with his first day of school breakfast pancakes. When, later in life, he asks why all these pictures of him are blurry, I will tell him that it's his fault for never sitting still. Incidentally, does T-Fish sound like an awesome gangster name or what? (I am thinking about T-Bone, aren't I?) Although, Tiny would call it T-Peesh. Which is no where near as tough.

The T did not last long enough to get an unblurry picture. Now I can't stop thinking about The Phantom Tollbooth and wondering what a T should taste like. Also, A Search for Delicious comes to mind. And by the way, if these twins are born underweight, I'm blaming Tiny. He's been eating me and Littles under the table lately.

Littles is in a turtle phase. He asked for a snapping turtle with a long tail and claws. I am just not that awesome. Regardless, the letter/animal pancakes produced several "You're the best mommy ever!" comments from him. Amen. Let it be so. And don't ask me about that smile. I have no explanation for the creeptasticity of it. But good gravy, he's cute! 

This is their official first day of school picture. Then I realized that I would actually get their backpacks in and block out some of that window glare by taking the photo in landscape, but it was too late. Tiny had already abandoned ship and was busily taking his shoes off and throwing them at me. Thankfully, his aim is not the best.

Mommy snuggles. My babies! How can I possibly send them to "school" for two whole days a week? Never mind, I remember now, and it has something to do with the broken picture frames, sharpie-covered skin, and flooded bathrooms that seem to follow in the wake of those two pairs of innocent brown eyes.

So happy to be a big boy going to "school" that he can't sit still. Or stand still. Or lie down still. Pretty much, the word "still" is not in Tiny's vocabulary. Then again, neither are a lot of other really important ones like "common sense," "self-preservation," and "listening". Somehow he's mastered "turtle" and "cop car". Where are this kid's priorities?

I die for this face. I die for the other kid's face too, but it's really hard to get a decent picture of it. 

Them: Can we go now? Can we go now? Can we go now? Can we go now?
Me, still trying to brush my teeth, put on my own shoes, and collect everything that needs to go out the door with us: Impatient much?

Yes, put your lunch box on your brother's head. That makes perfect sense to me too! These kids should've grown up in Asia. They both squat like they lived in Indonesia their whole life, Tiny thinks shoes are optional, and now, evidently, they can transport half their body weight on their heads. Kidding. I didn't send that much lunch with them.

Finally, here they are sitting in the car, waiting to go in. I wanted to take a picture of them in their new classrooms or entering the school, but I have yet to find a pair of cute maternity jeans that has real pockets for my cell phone (all of mine have fake ones). And yes, they had a great day (the boys, not my maternity jeans). Although Tiny spent the entire afternoon at the commissary hugging on Littles. I guess that's who he really missed. Fine, be that way. I have two more on the way to replace you both!

Just as a final note, and because I really don't want to forget this myself, tonight when we asked Littles his favourite part of the day and least favourite part, he said he didn't have a least favourite. Everything about today was his favourite. I'm not sure when that's ever happened...but I love that it did today.


  1. "I have two more on the way to replace you both!" Thanks for making me laugh tonight. You have no idea how much I needed it!

  2. It WAS a fun comment, but you can never replace those boys. You'll just add more fun and smiles. And I will enjoy being there to help. . . for awhile!

  3. Those are epic pancakes. And you are awesome.