Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday Morning Coffee

This morning, if you wake up and the first thing you think of is how many days you have left before goodbye...

If you are frustrated by the crumbs on the floor and the complete inability for either of your children to utilize an "inside voice" and the need to once again make breakfast and kiss boo-boos and break up fights...

If you find yourself putting the dirty diaper in the laundry basket and the snotty pajamas in the trash...

If you are achey from another sleepless night and your children insist on sitting on the lap that is no longer there...

Remember with me, will you:

The wonder that comes from cowboys and bucking horses and cheesecake on a stick:

The simple sweetness of snuggles:

The laughter that you give each other in the now and that won't get taken away from you:

And the small things that remind you to slow down, look for beauty, and take another step:

Take heart. The One who is in us has overcome the world. (John 16:33)

{encouraged this morning by this and this}


  1. Waking up to a sick birthday girl, a sick husband, filthy post-party floors, three days worth of laundry and have company coming for lunch - your reminder was timely and perfect. thank you for your blog, Marian. it is a ministry in itself. x

  2. This blog shows me the Lord is answering my prayers. Love you!