Sunday, August 4, 2013

Snarl of Yarn

I've been meaning to come write for a few days now, but I have so very many things I want to write about and they're all jumbled together in my mind, twisted around each other and tangled up until they are one gigantic snarl of incomprehensibility. So, in an effort to untangle and comb through a few of my thoughts, I give you...

Insert cute picture for dramatic effect

(drumroll, please)

And one of the Trig-dog playing legos

...a Bullet Post! Hurray!

  • I have developed an incredibly beautiful varicose vein running down my right thigh. Guys, I'm only twenty six. This hurts my pride. How is it possible that I am even capable of having varicose veins? I may never show my bare legs again (somewhere my mother is breathing a sigh of relief). In the meantime, the Man is having a grand old time making corny jokes about "vain" and "vein". And this is why I married him...
  • My maternity wardrobe is shrinking rapidly. I will be wearing muumuus by the time December rolls around. Or, since I'm no longer showing my legs, I may just let my belly hang out. Never mind, it's covered in stretch marks.
  • This morning Littles told me he didn't want me to wear flats to church. He thought I looked better in heels. I'm still deciding how to take this. I did tell him that it was tough luck for him since Mommy and her new friend, Varicose, are wearing ballet flats until I get depregnanted. His fashion preferences are going to have to take a backseat for now as the Magical Pregnancy Unicorn is no more.
  • On a completely unrelated note (but really these are all unrelated notes), I've been spending some time brushing up on a few theological points this last week, reading good books and having long talks with friends, and I realized that while I think it is terribly important to have well-thought out, biblically based theology, if my study of Who God is doesn't develop in me more love for others, then it's not benefiting anyone. Knowledge puffs up, while love builds up (1 Cor. 8:1), right? If I'm really learning more about God, then that knowledge should automatically fill me with truer love for both Him and those made in His image. Otherwise, all I'm doing is feeding my own intellectual ego. And honestly, it's big enough as it is.
  • Being asked for help gives me a high.
  • This desire of mine to have a contingency plan for every potential emergency is teaching me a lot about myself and God. I can't plan for everything, and I don't need to. That doesn't mean I've stopped trying.
  • A paperback book without a creased spine just looks sad. What is the point of a gingerly read book?
  • Somewhere between dinner and bedtime last night, I lost my water bottle. Now, not only am I thirsty (and still going to the bathroom every thirty minutes), but I'm mad and being driven insane by how I could've lost it when I never even left the house. Every nook and cranny has been checked multiple times. I am losing. my. mind. And my best source of un-cat-contaminated water.
  • I need to hear the words "judge not" at least a dozen times a day. I'm not a quick learner.
  • Gene Stratton Porter and I are reviving our friendship. If you don't know who Gene Stratton Porter is, please find out, or I will rethink my friendship with you.
  • My favourite part of every day is when the boys kiss the twins good night before bed. Their sweet little kisses on my belly followed by Little's "Take a good nap, twins!" never cease to make me smile. And I can snarkily remind them that the best way for the twins to "take a good nap" is for them to stop giggling and go to sleep themselves. Why do we have such happy children?!?

This is how I feel about varicose veins.
And that's the Man ignoring me griping about my varicose veins.
And that's my sad, lost, lonely water bottle.
Littles is a true photographer, capturing the depths of who we really are.
And it was so.

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