Friday, August 9, 2013

Running for Three

I RUN. I'm slower than a herd of turtles running through peanut butter, but I RUN!

There are two things I love as much as books, three that make me sing "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!" with feeling (we do live in Oklahoma). All of these things were more or less taken away from me during my first trimester. But no longer!

First, I'm drinking my first cup of home brewed coffee in weeks. And it tastes good. And yes, moms and doctors of the world, it is decaf. I haven't wanted coffee since around the time I discovered I was pregnant. It just hasn't sounded good. This has been akin to looking in the mirror and seeing someone else's face. WHO AM I?!?! But don't worry, my soul has found its way back into its body. Once again, I live!

Second, this week, I started running again. I realized that I felt just as crummy running as not running, so I'm borrowing the Man's Newtons (it's nice to wear the same shoe size as your husband), strapping on my maternity belt, and hitting the pavement. I've logged 1.5 miles three times this week. In intervals. But before you start laughing, please remember that I am, as my sister reminded me, running for three. But with only two feet.

Monday, Littles joined me for my run as I pushed Tiny in the stroller and Trig-Dog tore along beside us chasing rabbits. As my dad likes to say, the family that runs together, stays together. And the Little Man did a great job. Sure, we stopped a lot. And looked for turtles. And he had to take a pee break beneath a bridge (little boys are so handy like that), but he did the whole 1.5 miles. Then Tuesday I stuck him in the double stroller with his brother and really got a work out (again, being half dragged by the rabid-rabbit dog). This morning, though, as a reward for surviving the week, I actually set an alarm, met a friend before sunrise, and ran with a little more purpose. It was wonderful.

And I got home in time to take a shower and read my Bible before the boys woke up (which is number three on my list).

At any rate, this morning, my cup runneth over. So does my belly, but that's neither here nor there. Pictures to come in a week and a half, along with a gender announcement. Gender announcements? I think that's more appropriate. See, the coffee is helping already!

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