Monday, September 2, 2013


It will continue to be a little bit on the quiet side in this space for a few more days. Once we get the Man packed up and on the road, regular posting will recommence. Right now, though, our time is taken up with training wheels and bowling balls and swimming trunks as we try to pack in a few more family memories this summer.

Incidentally, I remember past family separations, with my parents and my sisters, thinking six months was such a short time, and how wonderful it was to get to see them again so quickly. But six months without the Man... the kids are going to change such an awful lot in the next six months.

At any rate, I'm distracting myself from reality by doing really early nesting and driving the Man crazy by making longer and longer To Do lists for him (because he can't leave while there are still items on the To Do list, right? this makes sense to everyone else, right? right?). But there are two large black duffel bags and a huge backpack taking up the entire floor of the nursery/guest room that are very hard to ignore. Until they are gone, I'm going to keep pretending as long as possible.


  1. Praying for you, sweet girl, and for all your "boys"! Love you all muchly!!!!

  2. Yes Praying for you Marian and for the men in your life!! Praying when reality sets in and will enjoy hearing more from your Ink Blots posts!! love ya

  3. Make memories and let Josh enjoy his last few days at home! I'll be there in December to help with those tasks. ;-)