Saturday, September 7, 2013

Dealing with Deployment (for Crazy People)

I don't know what normal people do when their husbands leave for six months. Personally, being more than usually crazy these days, I waved goodbye, had a quick and succinct weeping, and then started a load of laundry and cleaned the bathrooms. I have problems.

Then I dressed the boys up to go to International Night at the chapel where I was manning the Indonesia table (curry and shadow puppets!). Unfortunately for me, the twins don't fit in any of my Indonesian clothing, so I busted out the Indian kurta my sister gave me last year and let Littles handle the batik on his end. Tiny was stuck as an all-American boy since I didn't have anything that fit him. He's such a loveably awkward size.

Then this morning, the boys and I went to the fair in town with some friends and saw Lil Sebastian! Surprisingly, I was the one who got the most excited about this. There may have been squealing. 

I don't know what Littles is doing in this picture. In all honesty, I've given up asking when it comes to this kid. Further examples below.

I also took the time to get the Little Man finger printed, because with his cop dad gone for less than 24 hours, I thought it was appropriate to introduce him to what his future could hold if he chose to pursue a criminal life or one of international travel.

Littles also talked me into busting out the roller blades he was given two months ago. This is the effect that deployment has on me: I'm much more apt to stop putting off things like roller skating and bike riding (he's been doing a lot of that too--thankfully with training wheels, because the twins would make getting him balanced a little difficult). I think this is going to backfire on me in the long run, but he's so persistent...

Anyway, not a long blog tonight as I'm fighting off a cold and need to go get some sleep. I'm just waiting for the towels to finish in the dryer so that I can go shower and wash off all the Oklahoma fair dust--not to be confused with fairy dust. But at the very least this was: Live from Small Town, OK! It's Saturday Night!

I have another two blogs in the works, a more serious one about the deployment cycle (that I'm still debating posting because I'm chicken) and a kind of craft oriented one (yes, it was an out of body experience), so keep your eyes open!

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  1. I hardly think that you should tell yourself you have problems based on the ration of tears to action. I'm sure there are helpful "Do I Have Problems?" quizzes scattered around the web you could take if you need to psychoanalyse your lovely pregnant, mother to two, wife to deployed man, TCK self. I send you love and an invitation to come share applesauce-oatmeal loaf and PG Tips with me :)