Monday, September 30, 2013

31 Days 2013: beauty{full}

This year, because he's deployed and has some extra time on his hands (and possibly because he wants to show me up when he gets home and I have yet to take off all the pregnancy weight), the Man is engaging in a military fitness challenge. You've got to keep yourself entertained somehow while on deployment...  

Since he was doing something productive (working out counts as productive, right?), I thought I would join in the fun too. I'm not the likeliest contestant for any kind of fitness contest at this point, but every year one of my favourite bloggers, The Nester, hosts a 31 day blogging challenge (more details here). And this year--taking a deep breath because I might be crazy for doing this--I'm going to jump in and give it a shot. I made this life changing decision today, sometime after discovering that Tiny might have pneumonia but probably doesn't and before chasing down the Trig-dog following yet another escape attempt. I'd want to escape me too.

So, for the next thirty one days you can come here (yes, literally, right here to this exact post), and read my series on beauty--inner and outer, obvious and hidden, brilliant and broken. Clarifying that I meant brilliant beauty, not brilliant writing. I promise not to take myself too seriously (and also not to make too many bad jokes at my own expense), and I will diligently tie in all the weird aspects of my life that you all so enjoy laughing about with me. Each post will be listed below so you can just click and read as the month progresses.

And so (seriously, I am super nervous about this), here we go!

Day One: a starting point
Day Two: the pursuit
Day Three: my history
Day Five: worship
Day Six: an overflow
Day Seven: trust
Day Eight: rest
Day Ten: longing
Day Eleven: leaving space
Day Thirteen: a little inspiration
Day Fourteen: scars
Day Fifteen: A Break from Beautiful
Day Sixteen: his scars
Day Seventeen: spoken love
Day Eighteen: messy
Day Nineteen: ugly/beautiful
Day Twenty: uncooperative life
Day Twenty-One: finishing
Day Twenty-Two: trash trucks
Day Twenty-Three: spirit
Day Twenty-Four: being personal
Day Twenty-Five: re-scarring
Day Twenty-Six: home
Day Twenty-Seven: brave
Day Twenty-Nine: the unexpected
Day Thirty: the secret
Day Thirty-One: the goal

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