Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Twin Blurbs {Part Deux, also known as "The Twin Twin Blurbs"}

Some of you ingrates complained about my last post, so in order to pacify you, I am adding pictures. And a few of the blurbs I couldn't remember last night.

So, once again, you know you're pregnant with twins when:

  • Your one year old plays trucks on your belly saying, "Up, up, up the hill chugs red truck!" (well, his version of that, but you know what he's saying because the whole family has the book memorized).
  • He also tries to play trucks on your back but you can't lean forward far enough to give him a good road.
  • When Tiny tries to take a picture of you, he literally cannot get all of you in the frame.
This is what you guys meant by a picture of how big I've gotten, right?
  • Incidentally, you also thoroughly enjoy leaving a really long pause between "I'm due in January" and "It's twins" just so you can fiendishly enjoy the look of shock on everyone's faces.
  • You start imagining the following conversation between your post-utero children. Littles: Your momma's so pregnant that the valley in her bed is giving the Grand Canyon a complex. Tiny: Maaaaan, your momma's so pregnant that even the doctor thinks there must be five more babies in there. Littles: Oh, snap!
  • You can literally balance a bowl of cereal on it...while standing (keep in mind that I am applying this to a half-term, not full-term belly).
Images have not been enhanced or altered
in any way by the use of computer technology.
And yes, that is my hallowed belly button.
Anyway, if you were hoping for a "more complete" belly shot: life is hard; come back in two weeks. Or just come visit. Sure, I'm revamping the nursery/guest room, but we still have sheets on the bed and stuff like that. And I can put you to work while you stare, googly eyed, at my expanding girth.

{Also coming soon: a nursery update. Plans so far include an international theme, brass lanterns, and possibly a long lost world map that finally made a reappearance. Inspiration and help is being received from a friend of mine who writes a decorating and DIY blog.}


  1. Yo mama's so pregnant...Lol Littles should go into photography. :-)

  2. You are completely hilarious! AND, I know I'm the auntie saying this, but I must say, still also one of the cutest pregnant mommies EVER !!! And oh, I can't wait to see the nursery, what a great idea, I love your creativity. Who says you can't do crafts?

  3. Next time you must mention the lapse of memory you have as a pregnant woman!!!!