Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blurb on Boys

One of my favourites of me with my boys
You know how there are certain things that let you know you're a mother of boys? I'm pretty sure I've mentioned on here the fact that I can successfully throw a foam football through a basketball hoop. That's one of them. But today as our family ate pizza in the living room while watching the Cowboys play, I had one of those moments. Those "I'm a mom of boys" moments. May I clarify that when I say that we were all watching football that does include the baby. And the dog. Admittedly, in my mind I was reading Madeleine L'Engle while the collective family of male eyes watched a bunch of grunting men run around and hit each other, but physically I was watching football too. And it was then that I realized that 15 years from now when we're sitting in the living room eating pizza and watching football together, I will actually understand what's happening on the screen because I will have fifteen years of football watching with the boys under my belt. I'm so proud of future me.

Incidently, I never realized that I would still hear one son say to the other "Stop pulling my hair!" as a mom of boys. I thought that was a mom of girls thing. I was so wrong. What can I say, my youngest and still mostly bald son has hair envy. Can you blame him?


  1. You and your boys are too cute. that a giant Thomas the Tank Engine tent in the background?!? Wow. He IS obsessed.

    1. Yes and yes. It's a tent that my lovely older sister gifted him. Thankfully it folds up so I can hide it under the couch when he's not careening around the house in it.

  2. The Lord has such an interesting sense of humor -- giving you the boys and me the girls, but we both are truly blessed. I'm proud of my girls as they raise their sons to be godly men. Love you!

  3. You DO have nice hair... the hair envy is understandable.