Thursday, September 20, 2012

See me. See me be AWESOME.

Tonight after dinner, the Man had to go back in to work and he left me with very specific instructions to sit on the couch and do nothing. And I did. For a while. I polished off the rest of the brownies, watched White Collar, and surfed the net. Then I had big plans to dust and vacuum and mop (again--because somehow even though I did the floors on Monday they are already coated in dog hair and the scum that comes from two boys), but I realized that I can do the first two of those with the help of my very handy two year old who loves to "vacuum" and "dust" with me and I'm sure I can squeeze in the mopping during naptime (or never). Instead, I decided to reorganize a few things around the house. I moved a lamp to a different part of the bedroom room. I cleaned out the drawer in our coffee table. I moved clutter from the living room to the guest room so that I don't have to see it any know, general really useful stuff like that.

And then...

And then!

AND THEN!!! (this really deserves a drumroll) I reattached the shift key that Tiny ripped off two weeks ago. Yep, it's a big day in the Friz household. I no longer have an excuse for leaving annoyingly uncapitalized facebook messages in the middle of the night when I'm incapable of using my right pinky to shift instead of my left. Whew. What a relief.

Aren't you all glad that I accomplished something so huge with my evening? Other people cure cancer, but I--I--save the world by reattaching one shift key at a time.


  1. You are hilarious. And awesome. :-)

  2. Fixing shift keys is a skill I envy. Very awesome.