Monday, September 10, 2012

Terasi, Tallness, and Travelling

  • My husband has obviously lived with me too long: he truly believes that house plants are supposed to die after a month.
  • Being tall has its benefits, best of which is that I can clean the fan blades without having to fetch a chair. I also serve as a wonderful ice breaker for my mother who lives in a country populated by people who come up to my waist.
  • For some reason, when I vacuum, there is the most awful smell. At first (and this is disgusting), I thought it was the smell of human feces. Then, after I was struck by an inextricable feeling of homesickness, I realized that it was the smell of terasi. I have to say, that's one thing that I really haven't missed about Indonesia. I'm all about sambal, but I'll skip on the terasi any day. My vacuum filter is currently soaking in a mixture of hot water, soap, and bleach.
  • You know that feeling of accomplishment and relief you get when your child's first tooth pops out? Yeah, severely diminished by the realization that there are at least 3 more on their way.
  • I have this weird obsessession with eating baked beans and bell peppers. There's just something about it... The crisp slice of bell pepper scooping up the somewhat mushy beans, or maybe it's the contrast of flavours. I know it may sound gross, but I just... love it.
  • Last night at the dinner table, Little Man would look at Tiny and say, "Cold, cold, cold, cold!" and Tiny would bust out laughing hysterically. I realize that I already don't get their sense of humour and I am in big trouble for the future.
  • Tiny is busily pulling all the travel books off the bookshelf. I'm serious when I say that he and Little are in cahoots, since just this morning Alex informed me that we were going to Indonesia to see the cows, water buffalo, dolphins, monkeys, and...camels? Didn't know we had those there...
  • In my house we just heard, "Noooo! That's my Bill Bryson book, you crazy baby!!!" And on that note, I'm going to stop blogging and go parent. Before he tries to eat my bookshelf whole. I fed him lunch, I promise!

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