Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Buffalos and Being Obnoxious (etc., etc., etc.)

Photo credit goes to my father.
Aren't the pixels lovely?
  • I find it odd that schoolbuses have to pay on the toll road. Then I begin to wonder if police cars have to as well. And what about fire trucks? Where is the Man when I need to ask him such important questions? Oh, yeah...work.
  • On a similar note, one of my favourite things about living in Oklahoma is that the toll booth workers are the nicest in the world. Seriously. If you pay a $1.75 toll with a $20 in Jersey (not that they're ever that cheap there), you'll be given the stink eye. Here, they just nicely count out your change and wish you a good day--with a genuine smile.
  • A couple weeks ago, we took my parents to see the Wildlife Refuge where there is a herd of very large buffalo. The one pictured glared at us from what seemed like right outside our car window. Little Man refers to him frequently as "the scary buffalo". I've tried to talk to him about the reality that we were inside of a very fast car that would drive away before he managed to charge us, but no dice. Then I tried to reason with him that Daddy would keep anything from hurting him and since Daddy was with us, he would be okay. That didn't make a dent either. Then I gave up and started joking about it, and I told him that Daddy and Aki would take that buffalo out if it ever tried to hurt him. Now he has some confused idea that the Man and my dad are going to get the buffalo out of the grass and put him somewhere else. I need to stop using figures of speech with my two year old.
  • I had a friend's three year old daughter over last week, and she found Little's small New Testament and loved it. She told me that tiny things are the best. Even though I'm not tiny and perfect like she is, I totally agree. Especially when I realized that Sonic now has "mini" sizes in all their ice creams. Today I got Little a mini chocolate shake and myself a mini Java Chiller, and I didn't feel guilty at all for being a bad parent that let's my child eat too much sugar and for being an awful nursing mother who is exposing her infant to unhealthy levels of caffeine. It was such fun.
  • Today at the orthotist's office, I entertained my children by singing (loudly) multiple renditions of "Pop Goes the Weasel" and all twenty gazillion verses of "There Was an Old Lady". I am that mother. I also walked around the parking lot of an extremely upscale mall last week carrying a very visible pile of used diapers in my hand. I was looking for a trash can, but I feel that point is irrelevant.

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