Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pushing Pause

I don't really want to write tonight, but it is write or clean the bathrooms. I'm laying down the law for myself. Sitting on my tush doing nothing is not an option (at least not yet). And since I was up all night with Teething Tiny (seriously, it's sticking as a nickname), writing seems more doable than scrubbing down the bathroom with vinegar and bleach.

I could tell you funny stories, perhaps the one about how I was so tired this morning I tried to pour applesauce in Little Man's cup instead of apple juice, or do my usual pet venting, since I took both of them to the vet today and walked out of there with a hole in my hand compliments of Oswald (I now have a very nice Cars band aid on it), or share some really deep thought about what I'm learning these days, except that my brain waves are flat lining. Instead I think I'll tell you that since Josh make it home for dinner, the boys and I had a patio picnic. We ate banana walnut bread and apples and enjoyed the green table and the wind chimes and the early autumn sunshine. It was...lovely.

Sometimes my life is so full of the checklists of having two kids--diapers and sippy cups and soiled sheets and library books and timeouts and teeth brushing--that I have to make sure I'm really paying attention to those beautiful moments when it is just us and the wild enjoyment of life, whether that's a sunlit slice of banana bread or horsey rides in the hall accompanied by raucous laughter or the feel of a soft head resting underneath my chin.

And then there are unexpected blessings, like the Man dropping in to see the boys before bedtime and a spontaneous game of hide and seek that ended with all three of them in a dog pile behind the couch. I think Tiny gave away the Man's hiding spot. He giggles...

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