Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stroller Stuff and Possessed Potties

You know those people who say their car is just like a giant purse? I feel that way about my stroller. On any given day my stroller carries:
  • two kids (I realize that, technically, they don't count)
  • house and car keys
  • water bottle attached by this handy caribeaner called "The Mommy Hook" (never to be said with a serious expression or normal voice)
  • wipes and at least two diapers, not necessarily in the needed size
  • bacon flavoured dog treats
  • a pilfered airplane blanket
  • two books (Consider Love and It's a Book!, classics of literature, of course)
  • a football (as a conscientious mother of boys, I never go anywhere without one)
  • four or five miscellaneous baby toys, including--but not limited to--at least one squishy block, one rattle, one teething ring, and something that squeaks annoyingly
  • two shoes but only one sock
  • sundry trains, at least one of which will deliver annoying messages like "I'm James! I'm the finest red engine in Sodor!" at every bump
  • a pinecone, because one must carry nature with oneself at all times
  • a couple sippy cups, used or unused
  • that paci that I can never find when I need it
So really, when I go running with the stroller and say I'm pushing a thirty pound stroller with sixty pounds of kid in it, I should really add another ten pounds for all the junk I am hauling around in the basket. It's ridiculous.

Side note (and to keep this from being my most boring post ever): Little Man's potty is one of those singing ones that cheerily performs some inane tune when someone takes a leak in it. Thrilling, right? It likes to start singing at random moments, generally at night, when there is no one even in the bathroom much less peeing into a toddler potty. The Man and I have decided it's possessed. Demon potty!

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