Monday, October 7, 2013

beauty{full}: trust

The doctor found the wee lass's heartbeat on the Doppler at the first try this morning. "Beautiful," she said.

Not ten minutes later she told me we needed to run an extra test tomorrow morning to make sure I'm not showing signs of pre-term labour. I'm finishing out my second trimester this week.

So today (and the next day and the next and the day after that) I get a chance to truly draw near Christ, choosing to "trust in the LORD with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding"--and that is what is really beauty{full}.

Because remember the third part of our definition of beauty? Beauty is anything that enables me to worship God more fully. And choosing to trust Him instead of freak out is me saying, "Nothing surprises You. Nothing is out of Your control. Nothing can ever separate me from Your love." That's worship.

And so that is beauty.

{If you're looking for the rest of this series, all the links can be found here. Thank you so much for joining with me this month.}


  1. Every prayer and thought I have are with you this morning my dear niece!