Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day Fifteen: Come for a Tour?

Welcome to the house tour! Part of the fun of moving is seeing all your stuff in a new house that you haven't grimed up with all your gunk! So, come on in (virtually) and enjoy it with me.

This is our yellow house on the hill looking out over the ocean. Our wind chimes make it feel like home and our Security Forces flag reminds us of our roots…and reminds the Man of the purpose behind all his hours of studying.

The Little Man wants to show you our hoard (or horde) of gourds again. There were a few pinecones added in this week. Also, is that kid handsome or what?

Here's the master bedroom, complete with a vase of roses compliments of the Man who buys me flowers after I've spent all day at the E.R. with one of our children. Do not fear. There was no repeat E.R. visit. These pictures were taken early last week.

The Trig-dog deeply desired his presence to be felt in our bedroom. Even though he typically sleeps with the boys these days.

If you go through that door, you'll find yourself in our bathroom. When you visit, I'd advise you to not take Bruiser with you. Also, two sinks. We have graduated to awesomeness.

Here we are in the boys' room. I thought I got a better shot than this one which includes a well-dressed but still pajamaed Tiny. I promise I do dress my children occasionally. There is a super awesome Toot and Puddle poster above their dresser and a Barney Fife tintype above Tiny's head, but you can't really see them because Phone Pictures. Such joy and happiness.

Littles and Trigger are reading books together on Tiny's bunk. This could quite possibly be the epitome of coziness.

Moving next door, here's the twins' dresser, which has been turned into a bookshelf by necessity (remember, one of the bookshelves died en route).

Here's Bee's bed. At the time, there was a pile of bedding in her crib because she'd been sleeping in the guest room, but now there's actually a sheet on the mattress and a sweet baby curled up asleep with her lovey. I moved the twins back in together when my parents arrived…and it's been wonderful. I'm not saying they haven't woken each other up once or twice, but Bee tends to sleep through Bruiser fairly well, and Bruiser is adapting to Bee, and I think it's making them better sleepers.

Note that Bee's crib does not have a bedskirt on it. I have the material, but I'm still working on a friend whose sewing skills I can mooch off of. I believe in my ability to make moochable friends.

Bruiser's crib and the most important piece of furniture in their room. Beds are optional but books are forever. Incidentally, that lamp seems to have petered out during the move, so it's there for decorative and completely impractical purposes.

Coming downstairs (we'll go back upstairs later for the guest room, study, and guest bathroom, but the stairs are good exercise and I don't want you to get bored sitting too long), we'll start in the dining room, because eating is awesome. Note flowers from the Man, and Littles too, incidentally. I think it was a joint project. And the super hero cape because sometimes you need a speedy exit from the table.

The other wall in the dining area. The Man maintains that's an awful place for our salt and pepper shakers, but I think it gets the job done. Of course, none of our dinner guests have been able to find said salt and pepper shakers, which could mean that he's right, but see how decorative?

Directly next to the dining/kitchen area is an empty space that Littles refers to as the "homeschool room." "Homeschool"…you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

This bookshelf did make it, thankfully. Otherwise I'd be building furniture out of books. Which might not be that bad of an idea.

And our piano, which has yet to be retuned. I might tune it after the next move. Also, note the houseplant. It is going to figure in its own post later in the month. So long as it cooperates.

Oswald interrupts this program so that you can admire his awesomeness.

Moving on. Here's the kitchen. And the stack of sippies that define my life. 

And here we are in the living room! Incidentally, out those windows: the ocean. Well, I mean, over a couple hills, but you can see the ocean! Sorry about all the exclamation points.

Littles wanted to be in the picture. Here he's modeling how comfortable our couch is.

Last shot of the living room. I know you were desperate to figure out where we put the TV.

And here's a lovely shot of the downstairs half bath. For some odd reason, I look pregnant in this picture. Don't get your hopes up. I'm not.

Oh, oh, this will be fun! Here's the Man's study. Although I helped hang pictures, this room is all the Man. 

He hung our diplomas to make us feel awesome and intellectual.

Here's Little pretending to be his dad. So studious.

And hanging on the wall beside the desk, THIS:

I have yet to make that dead rodent a Security Forces beret. In the meantime, he continues to bare his little rodent teeth in defiance. You can shoot him and stuff him, but he'll spend the rest of your life grimacing at you in retaliation.

Here's the hall bathroom. Polka dots are fun.

And my favourite part of the hall bathroom, four hooded towels all in a row. Cue the collective, "Awwww."

Finally, the piece de resistance, our guest room where you (YES, YOU!) can stay when you come visit.

Out those windows, the Pacific Ocean. Also, please note the stacks of books on each nightstand available for your reading pleasure. And please do not note the wrinkled bed skirt. Last time, my husband's great aunt (literally and figuratively) ironed it for me, and she hasn't visited yet to iron all my bedding. (Come on, Aunt Beth! Doesn't that sound like so much fun? Forget the beach, come do my ironing!)

Okay, last picture, this tiny little nook is my favourite part of the house. It holds the Man's great grandmother's sewing machine and my great grandmother's antique chair. Now that Bee has moved back to the nursery, I'm planning to use it for a writing desk. Or just sit there and enjoy the view.

And that, dear reader, is an overly extensive tour of our house. I promise never to do this to you again. At least, not until the next time we move.


  1. Love seeing the house! It is gorgeous and so homey. (And bathroom selfies would make anyone think they look pregnant, even when they don't.)

  2. Approving all the books and multiple children shots. Wondering why there aren't 6 hooded towels. Wondering why you still have Oswald :P Thinking happy thoughts of you at your writing desk

  3. Nice tour. Only slightly longer than my blog house tour, but with higher quality photos. Good job. Also, I agree with LeeLens that you and Josh should also get yourself some hooded towels.