Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day Twenty-Nine: Joy Stabilizes

Okay. Confession time: I may be out of things to write about.

No, clarification, I have one more bang up blog post in my bag that I'm saving for tomorrow and then a sum up post for the 31st, but today? nada. zip. nothing.

And honestly, I'd really just rather go hang out with the Man tonight.

But I just want to say this (you knew it was too good to be true: Marian without anything to say, haha, funny joke):

I had a friend over this afternoon who came accompanied by her three beautiful children. And it was crazy and loud and chaotic and there were half a dozen paper airplanes flying down the stairwell at one time and peanut butter cookie crumbs all over the table--and I loved it.

But you know what I loved the most? When my Little social bug snuggled up to me after they left and told me how much fun he'd had with them.

That made my heart happy.

The happiness reminded me that settling in is about baby steps, little moments that define a new life. Today was one more root into the ground. The root was not necessarily about having people over but about the joy of connection that Littles expressed.

Joy stabilizes. And that is pure grace.

More long winded stuff here.

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  1. All your crazy kids are fun and fairly social, I think. Glad they are making friends. And you too.