Monday, October 20, 2014

Day Twenty: On Repeat

I'm going to explore my future here as a professional broken record. Bear with me.

Today I got stuck on the phone with AT&T for 45 minutes only to get kicked off the phone right before I could pay our bill--but while I was listening to really bad hold music, I saw a hummingbird (and the ocean)!

Today, in spite of two colour catchers (two!), I somehow dyed an entire load of laundry purple--but at least we now have some new cleaning rags and most of the laundry is done. Ish. Okay, there's still a load in the dryer. Fine, be that way.

Today, I had culture shock by going to a real grocery store with a real produce section for the first time in years--but our fridge is full of wonderful fresh goodness (even if our wallets are a little bit lighter).

Today, one of the toilets clogged and I discovered it after I'd already loaded the twins into the stroller and sent the kids out to the garage. It was mass chaos by the time I got out there--but at least our toilet is clean now. Relatively.

Today, Bee refused to swing--but she laughed hysterically going down the slide. 

Tiny growled and screamed--but apologized so very politely (with snuggles). 

Bruiser bullied his sister--but demonstrated some killer eye-crossing while trying to look at his sippy and drink at the same time.

Littles had a mini-meltdown--but finished his first day of homeschooling with success, happiness, and an impromptu outdoor science lesson. 

And the point, dear friends, is this: with every life change, whether the big or the small, there are good things and bad. 

But always, always, always, we get to choose what we pay attention to. 

I'm not saying sweep all the bad things under the rug--I miss the spray nozzle from our old kitchen and being squadron-less feels weird and why do friendships take so long to deepen?!?--but while we acknowledge the bad, we choose to focus on the good.

At the end of today, I'm going to just say over and over again: hummingbird, clean (and purple!) laundry, beautiful fruits and veggies, unclogged toilet, pudgy legs on the slide, little boy snuggles, cross-eyed baby, monarch butterfly and day one of homeschooling done! 

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  1. Sounds like quite a day! So glad you were able to stay positive even in a purple clothes crisis...

  2. Purple is cool--it's a very Harry Potter color.