Monday, October 27, 2014

Day Twenty-Seven: Choose Your Own Adventure

There are days when you get to choose your own adventure. Days when exploring a new place or trying a new food is a viable option. Days when who knows what exciting thing could be just around the corner!

Month old beach pictures

And then there are days when every option leads to a shortened nap or a kitchen piled high with dishes or a tantrum to be dealt with. And no matter which chapter you turn to, it's nothing more than a slog.

Caught Bruiser mid deep thought.

You know your life wasn't meant to be the type of book that puts everyone else to sleep (including yourself--if only nap time applied to mommies), but some days it seems like that. Some days after all the excitement has worn down, you're left with the day to day nitty gritty, but this time, without the system of support you left behind. And it's tiring.

They were digging a moat. I think.

Remind yourself, dear heart, that this is not the end. That this is barely a paragraph, maybe even just a couple of sentences, in your rollicking adventure novel. And while things may look bleak for the heroine right now, the Author is developing His characters.

Bee tried to eat both my sandal and the sand that day.

Because really, without character development, the adventure story is all flash and no bang.

The boys' first hike. Also about a month ago.
Bee was strapped to the Man who was playing photographer.

Hang in there. Keep making the brave choices: texting new friends, teaching new subjects, cooking new dishes that inevitably take twice as long as the recipe says.

Now this picture was from today!
The Little Man's First Day of the Second Week of Pre-K Picture!

Then at the end of the day, when your husband says, "Go blog while I clean up the kitchen--and don't you dare touch a single thing more on that table!", leave the plates, go sit down on the couch, and remind yourself of what you know is true.

And one more, just for kicks and giggles:
How's that for an acronym?

The last chapter has not been written. The last adventure has not been had. This is just the part where the audience really learns who you are and what you're made of.

And then go to bed early.

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  1. Overwhelming theme of my morning reads: we need people. I just got a new french press and feel that it won't be properly broken in until I make coffee for us both while Ethan eaves drops on our night time conversation.

  2. The photos are great and this has nothing to do with the point, but Choose Your Own Adventure books are annoying. I always tried to read every possible ending, and that is tiring and then the story gets confusing. But going to bed early is super fun.