Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day Four: Blurbs for Between

I'm keeping it short today--it's Saturday, let's all be lazy together--and just plan on giving you a few moving blurbs to keep you entertained.

  • What I was most looking forward to receiving from the movers: my washer and dryer. Have I become so pragmatic? Perhaps. But here is my reality: four kids, teething snot, random spit ups, blood from toddler scrapes, husband who works out a lot = sweat, bulimic cat, shedding dog, and did I mention four kids?
  • What I was dreading unpacking: the onions. Oh, the onions. Do you remember? In my scatterbrained exhaustion, I left a bag of onions in the pantry…and the movers packed them. Of course. They wouldn't pack the bath toys that might have water left in them, but they packed the bag of onions. Anyway, as they carried in the kitchen boxes, there was a faint whiff of something unsavory. I unpacked every single box just to get to those onions and get them out of the house. And here's the thing: they weren't even as bad as I thought they would be. No sprouts. Most of them weren't moldy. I wanted to take a picture for you, but the Man made me throw them away before I could immortalize the traveling onions forever.
  • The first thing on the wall: crocheted Peace (see above). Because (again) with four kids in the house, we need a little peace. Or a lot.
  • The last thing unpacked: all our books. I saved the best for last. And I had to get all the bookshelves situated and dusted before I could load them down, never to be moved again (well, for fifteen more months). 
  • Biggest challenge: fitting our living room furniture into a room half the size of our old living room and figuring out where to put all of our dishes in a kitchen with more counter space (yay!) but less cabinet space (less is more, right?). Incidentally, the recliner is now holding court in our bedroom and works great for single baby nursing--the tandem nursing died an early death when the twins started entertaining themselves while eating by pulling each other's hair and gouging each other's eyes out--and some of our dishes got sent to Goodwill. Who really needs two butter dishes anyway?
  • Most fun small change: the toilet paper holder doesn't disintegrate into multiple pieces every time you change the roll. It stays together! Amazing! Changing the toilet paper roll has never been so much fun!
  • Most fun big change: did I mention the view? I can see the ocean from almost every single room if our home. And. I. Love. It. More on that later.
Happy Saturday, everyone.
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  1. I can't resist following a blog that says, "Changing the toilet paper roll has never been so much fun!"

  2. Hey--I have a toilet paper holder in my new house! I don't know why they put it in, but I feel obligated to use it even though it's easier to set a roll up on the back of the toilet...