Tuesday, March 2, 2010

count down?

So, I promised the Man I would do something cool and creative for the blog in preparation for him coming home. This would be so much easier if I was cooler or creative(r), but I will prevail! I'll start by posting a few (cool) pictures...with (creative) captions:

Me and Littles creepily excited about the Man coming home this month:

Little's new cast that reads "Future Coffee Addict and Bibliophile". No, I have not given him coffee yet, but I will if the Man doesn't come home soon!!! Somebody has to help me finish the pot.

On the bottom, it says "Smiggle", his nickname from his Crazy Aunt. The Man needs to come home so that Littles isn't brainwashed into thinking that's his real name.

And that concludes our blog for the day. Bring on the March!

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