Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring? Maybe?

Today we had the first promise of spring. In celebration, I went for a walk and wore shorts. And it felt great. My sister, Littles, and I stayed out until the sun set, walking about five miles, just enjoying talking and pushing the stroller and being outside, instead of being stuck in the apartment hiding from the snow.

Spring has always held a special place in my heart. I think part of it is that we didn't have seasons in Indonesia, and while I love the equatorial tropics, I've thoroughly enjoyed falling in love with the more ways than one. The Man and I started dating in the fall, said those fatal three words in the spring, got engaged in the summer, and were married in the winter. All that aside though, I'm always fascinated by the changing of the seasons, and I enjoy them all (yes, even the winter, though being pregnant this time around made it that much more enjoyable). Each one brings something new. The world is a different colour. It has a new taste, a new smell, a whole new feel. It's incredible. I find that I'm looking forward to this spring with as much excitement (if not more) than ever. Biggest thing spring is bringing: the Man. After that, tulips and daffodils, long walks with Littles (and the Man), picnics by the Potomac (with the Man...and the Little Man), blonde streaks in my hair, getting some sun on my skin, sitting outside on our patio (with the Man) to watch the sun set and/or rise, and pretty much anything else involving the Man and being outside.

It's going to be a great spring this year. I can feel it.

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  1. So I know I can't completely relate, because I know I would not survive if I were in your situation. But at this point in my pregnancy, I feel as though my baby has been away for a very long time, and we are waiting for him/her to return to us! I can't stinkin wait for that day! And I hope it is coming quite soon! We both do! It's crazy how much we already love this thing that is inside of me, and we haven't even met each other yet. So I cannot imagine how you are feeling with your husband gone, especially since he has yet to meet your little one! It's killing me, and I have my husband with me!