Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Get This Cast Off My Child!

So, as many of you are aware, I've been doing cast decorations on my son as he has serial casting done on his club foot. It's been a great outlet for my creative side, and it's made for some interesting conversations. This week I decided to follow the creative advice of my husband. In his defense, it was a cool idea...I just didn't have the skill necessary to make it look cool. Unfortunately, once you draw all over a plaster cast, there's no going back. So I've been praying for Wednesday.

Props if you can figure out what it's supposed to be:

On a happier note, here's Littles doing tummy time on the baby afghan Auntie Jennah made for him:

And on that note, I need to get this kid ready for his last cast! Well, not counting the one he'll get after next week's surgery...


  1. where's alex in the first photo Marian? Wait, no, did you CAMOUFLAGE him?

  2. Ha! I love Kahlia...also I love Alex's hair in that last photo.